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'Thank you to The Health & Wellbeing Company who have helped us to support our employee wellbeing. No request has been too much and the team have understood our requirements and tailored their approach to what we need.


They have supported us with a number of events, providing guidance on activity in the workplace, desk exercises and the importance of healthy posture.


We were excited to hear about the range of corporate wellbeing services they have developed and we hope to continue working with them to support our workplace wellbeing goals.’

Ricky Burt - Employee Engagement Officer (Midland Heart)

Phil Dawes - Co Director (Saints Above Salon)

'Our needs were very simple. Our staff work very long hours, carry a lot of stress and lack energy because of this. 

We needed to know how they could fit a manageable amount of exercise and easy to prepare nutrition into their daily routine so that they could keep this up, but also be healthy!

They came into our salon with a seminar presentation that they went through with our staff. It simply showed them how they could easily improve their physical health, mental health and their approach towards nutrition all at the same time. 

All of our staff walked away with an exercise programme that suited their individual lifestyle and a nutrition plan that went alongside their exercise programme. Our staff are healthier, full of energy and are noticeably more vibrant with their clients/customers of the salon. 

We couldn't be any happier!'

Emma Ireland - Purchasing Assistant (Binding Site)

'The team over at The Health and Wellbeing Company have been amazing throughout my entire experience. They have always given me the support I needed and more throughout my tailored package with them. 

My energy levels are better, I am stress free, i'm more productive in the workplace and i'm the healthiest I have ever been. 

Having The Health And Wellbeing Company as a part of your wellbeing programme is a must!'

Jodie Beckett - Executive PA (Eversheds Sutherland)

'The thing that I found most beneficial for myself and many others that I spoke to within my team was the 1-2-1 Lifestyle Consultations. Straight away I felt at ease and I could tell that they really did care! 

I have years of experience training in the gym but their approach has enabled me to learn even more about myself. They taught me valuable lessons in the gym to help me progress, about lifestyle balances when it came to food choices in my nutrition preparation and through their mental health assessments and exercises they made me realise how strong my mindset is and where I can get to with self belief.'

Gemma Lee - Property Consultant

 (Martin & Co Estate Agents)

'After years of battling depression, comfort eating and piling on the pounds I decided it was time to get my life back on track. 

After a comprehensive consultation looking at my short term goal to lose some weight and long term to improve my mental health I started working with the guys from The Health And Wellbeing Company on a 1-2-1 basis. 

After just 6 months of working with the team I have dropped two dress sizes and been able to come off my antidepressants, using exercise as a way to control my mental health. I feel fitter and stronger both physically and mentally and that is down to the individual plan and support I have been given.'

Kieran Hunt - Senior Engineer (Hoare Lea)

'Firstly, I want to start by saying thank you to the team over at The Health And Wellbeing Company! They have helped to make my very busy and high stress life better for good!

I work as a Senior Engineer at Hoare Lea whilst doing my Masters in Building Services Engineering. Doing my full time job and my degree really can be hectic at times. 

In my stress and mental health assessment they could see straight away where I needed to develop. They gave me exercises where I could try to create new habits that would make my work load easier, helped give me methods of stress relief when at work and studying and they even managed to help me find my love of running again. 

The care that they show for each of their clients is outstanding. It makes you instantly feel at ease and confident that you are receiving a high quality service.'

Kelly Collumb - Employee Engagement Officer (Wesleyan)

“Working with The Health And Wellbeing Company has been a step change in the way we look after the wellbeing of our employees. The fitness classes have not only provided them with a fun and convenient way to get fit, but also encourages a positive work life balance, improvements to physical and mental health, plus it’s been a great way to meet new people across Wesleyan.”